Week 11: House of Red Cards #FPL 17/18

November 2, 2017

The Gaffers are back in the studio and back to business as we review the action from Gameweek 10. We discuss the big point scorers in the absence of Aguero and Kane, as well as attempting to understand the Man City rotation headache. We've also got the usual social media questions, a debate on dead celebrities that aren't dead yet, and a slightly worryingly titled quiz. Plus, we reveal a change to the usual podcast lineup for a few weeks while one of the Gaffers jets off to work on a tv show abroad...I wonder which one of us that might be.  


Week 10: The Gaffer Tapes: LIVE

October 25, 2017

The momentous occasion is here! The Gaffers go LIVE from Central London to record a podcast in front of a beautiful audience that travelled from all over the UK...and Spain! Enjoy the fantasy football chat, experience the laughs and hear the questions and jingles LIVE! Kane vs Lukaku, prosthetic legs, changes to the rules of football itself, room temperature sausages and R Kelly are covered in what was an absolutely brilliant, memorable evening for everyone involved. 


Week 9: The Gaffer Tapes 100th Episode Special #FPL 17/18

October 18, 2017

Soldering incidents, Asian cycling competitions and incestuous caravan holidays can't hold us bac as all 3 gaffers are back together to record a landmark 100th podcast! There's the usual fantasy football chat, interspersed in equal measures with nonsense and various trips down memort lane. To mark our centenary, we also have a very special interview with rapper, actor and comedian Doc Brown who talks candidly about The Beautiful Game and his beloved Crystal Palace. Plus, it's the return of Craig's Quiz, which has huge ramifications for next week's live podcast! (Dramatic Music)


Week 8: Murder in Isaac Successville #FPL 17/18

October 4, 2017

Sure, we don't mention Watford striker Isaac Success once during the episode but Craig and Ash do welcome TV's Luke Kempner into the studio in Tom's absence. The comedian chats about why Sean Dyche isn't the man for Arsenal, how he once captained Theo Walcott on a hat trick and throws in some incredible impressions, as you'd expect. With Tom  taking a well earned break before we reunite for episode 100. The remaining Gaffers talk football, discussing striking options now that Morata and Aguero are on the sidelines. 


Week 6: DELPHinoise poTAYTOS #FPL 17/18

September 20, 2017

Craig is still absent as we start to slightly worry about his wellbeing in Turkmenistan. But it's ok, because Tom and Ash are here to cover your fantasy football needs, plus we have Man City TV presenter Nicola McCarthy filling Craig's wicker loafers in section 2, providing some genuine professional football insight for once... I know, right?!


Week 5: A Tadic Too Long #FPL 17/18

September 13, 2017

Craig is on international duty in Turkmenistan, so the two main lads steer you through the week's football in one of the most thorough, stat-filled episodes to date. We talk red card replacements and transferring out the week's top talent. All the usual features and nonsense are here, plus there's a voice clip from a familiar face (voice).


Week 4: Schindler’s Lifts #FPL 17/18

September 6, 2017

The dreaded international break is over and the real football returns, just as the transfer window slams shut! The Gaffers review the action from Gameweek 3 and look ahead to this weekend's fixtures. We answer your social media questions, hand out some fantasy football tips, and we tread very carefully when Craig brings back a blast from the past for this week's quiz.


Week 3: Reverse Hot Hand Fallacy #FPL 17/18

August 24, 2017

All three Gaffers are present and hopefully correct as we steer you through another week of Premier League action. We discuss whether you should ditch previous fantasy football stalwarts that haven't been scoring so far this season and Ash brings out another possibly made-up sporting term. We also answer your social media questions and try to convince you that no matter how bad it is, you do not need to wildcard yet! There's the return of Craig's quiz, some ODDSbible bets and Tom gets incredibly angry about Green Street 2.


Week 2: Show me the Mounie #FPL 17/18

August 16, 2017

With a last minute injury changing the usual lineup, the two most charismatic and knowledgable Gaffers review the opening week's premier league fixtures. We talk which bandwagons you should let roll past you and which you should ride into the sweet sunset. We answer your social media questions and Ash sees pound signs as he goes a little bit money-crazy, like a young Scrooge McDuck. There's Gameweek 2 tips, plus exclusive odds from the OddsBible boys, all of which while we try our damnedest to pronounce footballers names correctly.


Week 1: The Magic Roundabout #FPL 17/18

August 9, 2017

The Premier League is back and so are The Gaffers. Those thieving ninjas haven't returned Craig's laptop, so he is recording remotely from the tin bath in Saido Berahino's bungalow. We go in depth into our fantasy football picks for Gameweek 1 and we stick our necks on the line with our picks for the season. There's an extended social media segment as we answer all your burning questions, as well as a new jingle or two, a couple of choc ices and Craig's quiz comes at you with a hadouken.