Week 32: A lot of chips on one plate #FPL 17/18

March 28, 2018

Another international break is drawing to a close after the much feared (yet surprisingly high scoring) Blank Gameweek. We look ahead to the upcoming fixtures and the “Big Double Gameweek” on the horizon. There’s a retro World Cup inspired quiz that will be the nostalgia-lovers’s wet dream, Tom gets all uppity about Double Gameweeks and gives himself a social media upgrade live on air. 


Week 31: The Whatever Gameweek #FPL 17/18

March 14, 2018

The Gaffers are back in the studio to go through a disappointing Gameweek 30 which saw low scores and bad captain choices all round, as well as previewing the much maligned upcoming “Blank” Gameweek and all its potential pitfalls. There’s some cracking social media interactions, another top-notch quiz, and keep an ear out for the door bell... we might have a couple of visitors.


Week 30: Ayew Two Brothers? #FPL 17/18

March 7, 2018

Gameweek 29 is done and dusted and The Gaffers give it a thorough retrospective going-over. Discussion varies from Glenn Murray’s under-appreciation to Arsene Wenger’s overstayed-welcome. For the purists, there’s also the weekly quiz, hotdogs, chipmunks and Ash’s weird fetish for reunited Brothers. That’s Mental!


Week 29: The Adventures of Jack in Butt-Land

March 1, 2018

The FA Cup break is over and the Caraboa Cup lifted, now it's time to get back to business. The Gaffers return to the studio to review the action from Gameweek 28. We discuss blank gameweek tactics, the use of your remaining chips, Duke Nukem and monks. There's also one of our favourite quizzes to date and we finally ask the eternal question "Who the goddamn tits is Andy Robertson?".


Week 28: Never Captain Walcott #fpl 17/18

February 14, 2018

In a surprising turn of events, The Gaffers go all serious and knowledgable as we give Gameweek 27 a thorough dissection, discussing this week's biggest and most impactful players as well as a preview of the upcoming fixtures with a level of maturity that is not always present...then Tom eats some confectionary live on air and Ash gets annoyed. Classic Gaffers. 


Week 26/27: Chants Would Be a Fine Thing #FPL 17/18

February 7, 2018

Gameweek 26 and the Transfer Window are over, but luckily both are hot topics on this week's podcast, diluted in equal measures with talk about Chicken Nuggets, fire alarms and farmyard animals. We discuss the annoyance of missing a penalty but scoring on the rebound, whether Bakayoko is actually the worst footballer in the world and, of course, there is a very viral quiz to cap off proceedings.


Week 25: Dirty Sanchez #fpl 17/18

January 24, 2018

Big transfers, hattricks, blanks and breaks are the talk of the town this week as The Gaffers navigate their way through the results from Gameweek 24. We have the usual social media questions, a look at the upcoming fixtures for your fantasy football tips, plus a cracking little quiz, jingle and all.


Week 24: Firmino’s Brazilian #FPL 17/18

January 16, 2018

Your favourite three FPL Agonises return to review a cracking Gameweek 23. Liverpool v Man City, Arnautovic and surprisingly Gus Hiddink are all topics of discussion. A slight technical problem in the studio means that the lineup changes slightly at halftime, but there's still all the usual social media questions, previews of the upcoming fixtures and Roald Dahl chat that you need for the week.


Week 19-23: I have Sterling. Send bank details. #FPL 17/18

January 10, 2018

Australian jungles, Turkmenistan cycling competitions and bouts of gastroenteritis can't keep them apart, as all three Gaffers return for the first podcast of 2018! We review the crazy Christmas and New Year's fixtures, console (laugh at) those that pulled the Triple-Captain trigger on Harry Kane, answer your social media questions and Craig gets back in the Quiz Master's chair... watch out for the skateboard.


Week 16,17,18: One hand on the Silva-ware #FPL 17/18

December 14, 2017

The Gaffers are back and streaming live as the scores come in for Gameweek 17. Patreon Guest-Host number 5 Joe Bloom fills in for the ever absent Craig, as we discuss last weekend's results and preview the upcoming gameweek's fixtures. There's the usual social media questions as well as some live ones, and the standard of the Patreon Guest-Host Quiz gets ramped up once again, with the addition of plastic cups!