Week 13: Deeth #FPL 16/17

November 22, 2016

The two most intense and refined of the Gaffers are here to AWARD some praise to the fantasy football players that did well, and do our BEST not to JUDGE the ones that didn't. Will Aguero be the TROPHY captain choice when we review the upcoming game-week? Will a differential choice like Defoe WIN our affections? Or will we pick Arsenal's GOLDen boy Giroud?


Week 12: Get rid #FPL 16/17

November 9, 2016

The two most charismatic and voluptuous of the Gaffers are back for a bumper, XXL podcast. Filling in for Craigy Jungle Face is head of the Gafferazzi and owner of the coolest bar in London, Chuck Bailey. The lads talk Game-Week 11, answer your tweets and emails, and it's the return of Tommy's quiz. Ash also attempts to re-tell a classic Gaffer Tapes anecdote... which is why we overran.


Week 10/11: Return of the King #FPL 16/17

November 3, 2016

After an unscheduled break, the two most attractive and masculine of the gaffers are back to review a big scoring Gameweek 10, answer your questions and give you tips for the upcoming week of fantasy football. Plus, joining us live from up a tree in a Canadian forest somewhere: special guest Dominic Monaghan.


Week 8: ELORA DANAN! #FPL 16/17

October 19, 2016

The Gaffers return in an attempt to put a positive spin on an incredibly underwhelming GW8. We talk about the little players that scored big points and the big players that scored minus points. There's the usual social media questions, upcoming game-week preview and award nominated quiz, as well as one of the most heated debates since Hillary and Trump last went at it.


Week 8: Yellow Fever #FPL 16/17

October 13, 2016

As the International break limps to a close, Tom, Ash & Craig get back to business, mulling over their #FPL futures and celebrating a second consecutive nomination for Best UK Football Podcast. Aguero going yellow causes global panic, manager of the month for September is announced and one lucky listener gets branded a Nazi. 


Week 7: Shouting at Birds #FPL 16/17

September 29, 2016

The Gaffers are back and it seems that everyone's had a good Fantasy Football week as green arrows are the talk of the town. We ponder who to pick from in form Liverpool, and how you should probably just avoid West Ham players altogether, unless you fancy a beer. We answer the usual social media questions, try to keep our exceptional run of tips going... and Tom has problems keeping up with the conversation as he hasn't brushed his ears. Seriously.


Week 6: We Need To Talk About Kevin #FPL 16/17

September 22, 2016

Game week 5 is over and ‘Wildcarding’ is the talk of the town. The Gaffers talk through a few options for your new look team and answer your questions which range from whether Aguero should return, to which player you’d like to bathe. Little Dommy Monaghan has some more inquisitive gems and Tom proves that sometimes a good quiz name doesn’t make for a good quiz.


Week 4/5: Signing The Death Nail #FPL 16/17

September 14, 2016

Aguero might be taking a break but Tom, Ash & Craig aren't as The Gaffer Tapes returns for another week of FPL news, tips and made up proverbs. With Lukaku's hat trick saving some people's week, the Gaffers talk striker options for the coming weeks and see what a low scoring gameweek has done to the top 10. They mispronounce some names in Tweets for my Tweet, get a voicemail from Dom Monaghan in a monastery and read your increasingly bizarre emails. Tom plucks another classic quiz from the archives and the guys make their picks for gameweek 5. 


Week 2/3: Supermarket Sweeper #FPL 16/17

September 1, 2016

Due to their growing success and international popularity, the Gaffers now refuse to be in the same room as each other. But thanks to modern technology (and Tom's typewriter) the three lads are here to review the last game-week, answer the eternal question of Zlatan or Aguero... or neither, plus there's a lot of talk about wildcards and even more about pizzas and Megan Fox.


Week 1: Huth vs Snodgrass #FPL 16/17

August 18, 2016

The 2016/17 season starts with a bang (kind of). The Gaffers are here to review the opening game-week, point out where you all went wrong and persuade you that no matter how bad it was; you don't need to wildcard yet! There's the usual social media questions, the first round in Tom's big quiz and we give you some more genuinely decent tips for the forthcoming weeks. Who would have thought?